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BEC Contest 2020

For the first time, Bahasa Inggris Sarjana Terapan study program was carried out a contest. This contest was held virtually from November 20, 2020 until December 3, 2020. BEC Contest has four types of competitions, such as Public Speaking, Business Digital Design, Business Presentation, and BE & BEC Documentation. The BE & BEC Documentation is specially made for Bahasa Inggris Sarjana Terapan students, so they can sent whether the most memorable activities or unique photos they have as students’of Bahasa Inggris Sarjana Terapan.

The lectures of Bahasa Inggris Sarjana Terapan study program also have an important role in this contest, some of them took a part for being jury for each competitions. Firstly, we have ma’am Andi Hajar, S.Pd., M.Hum. and miss Lely Novia, S.Pd., M. Hum. as jury for Public Speaking. Second,  we have ma’am Dr. Riny Jefri, S.E., M. Ak. and sir Dr. Andi Anto Patak, S.Pd., M. Pd., Ph.D. as jury for Business Presentation. Third, for Digital Design, we have sir Eng. Abdul Wahid, M.Kom and ma’am Seny Luhriyani S.T., M.Kom. Last but not least, sir Muh. Tahir, S.Pd., M.Pd., M.Ed., AREA as jury for BE & BEC Documentation.

The BEC Contest successfully held with a total of 117 participants that mostly came from BEC class of 2019 and from Universitas Mulawarman. The grand final day of contest, took place in Kampus II UNM, Fakultas Bahasa dan Sastra. So, the participant from outside Makassar, attend the Contest virtually via Zoom Meeting. The final result is that there are 13 finalist being a winner in BEC Contest 2020. All of the all participants got a certificate of appreciation for participating in the BEC Contest. meanwhile the winners got trophies and cash as prizes.

The committee for BEC Contest are 11 student of  Bahasa Inggris Terapan study program itself, they are the class of 2019. Each committee is divided into four division. So, each of them having their job and they are  expected to being responsible for it. This contest was done perfectly done without any hindrance, of course, it is with the help and support of the lecturers that keep the committee directed.

BEC Contest 2021

BEC Contest is being an annual Contest that will be consist to be held every year. In 2021, BEC Contest is back with no less excitingly. Unlike the BEC Contest 2020, the BEC Contest 2021 was held entirely online and was held only in a month, from December 11th until 21st December 2021.

The BEC Contest 2021 participant are dominated by the BEC students, class of 2020. In 2021, the contest held four types of competitions that were also competed in BEC Contest 2020. There’s approximately 100 participants in this competition and there’s around 50 students became finalists in BEC Contest 2021.The competition includes Public Speaking, Business Digital Design, Business Presentation and BEC Documentation.

This contest also involves lecturers as assessors of competitions and works that has been submitted by participants. Similar with the previous year’s contest, the entire committee in this contest also involved students of the Bahasa Inggris Terapan, class of 2020. This activity is very experienced for the students. For all the participants, they could gain experience to compete, which may help them to be more experienced in facing various competitions in the future. Also, the students who being a committees could get a special experience to hold events or competitions more efficiently.

By. Athiya kamila 2019